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Did you know that few trees die of old age? Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t require regular maintenance and general upkeep year after year, season after season. When they do, turn to 1-800-Tree-Guy, one of DuPage County’s best-reviewed, family-owned specialists.

We proudly serve the western suburbs, helping homeowners make the most of their property. Trimming is essential to your tree’s overall health, not to mention the appearance of your property. Failing to properly prune can cause disease and sickness to spread, killing an otherwise healthy tree. At 1-800-Tree-Guy Services, our team specializes in keeping your trees large and lush. In the event that your tree is too damaged, sick, or dangerous to save, our skilled team is prepared to help with removal as well.

Tree removal is usually only used as a last resort, one of those unavoidable realities of homeownership. In the event of a dead, dying, damaged, or diseased tree, the team at 1-800-Tree-Guy Services is prepared to handle the job. As one of DuPage County’s best-reviewed specialists, you can rest easy knowing that the task is being taken care of by a proven arborist. 

At 1-800-Tree-Guy Services, our proven track record and 5-Star reputation are over 25 years in the making.


Other Services

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a dangerous job, best left to a team of proven professionals. Here in the western suburbs of Chicago, that’s 1-800-Tree-Guy. We’ve been handling stump grinding services since 1993 and our skilled team ensures a full clean-up once the job is done.


Tree Removal

No one likes to say goodbye to a tree, but sometimes the stress of disease, wind, insects, pollution, soil erosion, soil compaction, or the weather will make tree removal necessary. When it does, trust 1-800-Tree-Guy to safely and efficiently remove your tree.


Tree Trimming

Research indicates that being around trees is good for our mental and social well-being, but even trees require seasonal trimming. Rely on your trusted local DuPage County specialist, 1-800-Tree-Guy to keep your residential or commercial property looking its best all year long.



Our skilled team is proud to serve the businesses of the western suburbs. Call on Tree-Guys for commercial lot clearing, tree trimming, and tree removal. Are you unsure whether a tree needs to be removed? Call 1-800-Tree-Guy Services and we’ll provide a free estimate.



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