Tree Removal

Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is usually only used as a last resort, one of those unavoidable realities of homeownership. In the event of a dead, dying, damaged, or diseased tree, the team at 1-800-Tree-Guy Services is prepared to handle the job. As one of DuPage County’s best-reviewed specialists, you can rest easy knowing that the task is being taken care of by a proven arborist. 

What are the reasons someone would require professional tree removal? In the case of a diseased tree, it’s important to remove the threat to protect other trees nearby. What’s more, dying trees can pose a risk as branches and limbs become more susceptible to breaking and falling. Here in the western suburbs, property owners sometimes elect to remove a tree because they’re planning a construction project and need the additional space. Other times they’re experiencing overcrowding and their view is being obstructed. 1-800-Tree-Guy Services is prepared to help advise you in circumstances where the tree is leaning and potentially in danger of falling.

At 1-800-Tree-Guy Services, our proven track record and 5-Star reputation are over 25 years in the making.

Other Services

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a dangerous job, best left to a team of proven professionals. Here in the western suburbs of Chicago, that’s 1-800-Tree-Guy. We’ve been handling stump grinding services since 1993 and our skilled team ensures a full clean-up once the job is done.


Tree Trimming

Research indicates that being around trees is good for our mental and social well-being, but even trees require seasonal trimming. Rely on your trusted local DuPage County specialist, 1-800-Tree-Guy to keep your residential or commercial property looking its best all year long.



Our tree residential removal and trimming services deliver a well-landscaped yard that can increase the value of your house by seven to 19 percent. At 1-800-Tree-Guy Services, our proven track record and 5-Star reputation are over 25 years in the making.



Our skilled team is proud to serve the businesses of the western suburbs. Call on Tree-Guys for commercial lot clearing, tree trimming, and tree removal. Are you unsure whether a tree needs to be removed? Call 1-800-Tree-Guy Services and we’ll provide a free estimate.



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